You see…

I’ve been worried lately about my book: the sales, the promotion, if people will read it, if people will like it. So worried, I stress myself. I know it’s my first book and without a traditional publisher backing me, it won’t be widely publicized. That’s one of the pitfalls of using a self publishing company. Unless you have big bucks, a publicist, a large network of people, or willing to get out in the streets yourself and talk the talk, you won’t be known.

I know all this and yet, I still worry.

It all came to a halt!

Monday, January 5, 2009, I found myself stopping. Not once, not twice, but repeatedly. I stopped for every single stop light. This wouldn’t have been so crazy if I didn’t have to drive forty-five minutes to work everyday and back. At work, I couldn’t go ten steps without having to stop behind someone or something in the way. Stopping doesn’t usually bother me, but when it happens ALL DAY when normally my day flows non-stop, I feel God is trying to tell me something…

The message?

I talked to a friend of mine about these weird occurrences. Even explained to her my worries. She smiled and told me that if everything is making me stop, then maybe that is what I should do. Stop and appreciate where I am. Appreciate what I have accomplished so far, because it could be worse. A lot worse. Be grateful some have actually read my book, because no one would’ve read it at all. Stop and learn to take life as it comes don’t rush it because you might not be ready for what is coming next. And stop to prepare for the future.

Trying to live the message…

She had such a valid point. I was so worried about what I haven’t accomplished, I didn’t appreciate what I had accomplished. I do have people helping me. I’m hoping for more. I NEED MORE. But for now, I do what I can with the time I have.

Several people have bought my book and read it. And so far, I got mostly positive feedback. I have my book on websites and even had an article written about me.

So, for now, I’ll stop worrying and write. Write my booty off, because if nothing else, it helps take my mind away.

In the beginning…
God created man

Man created blog

And now…
I created this one. Yes, this is my blog. Yes, I haven’t a clue what to write, so bear with me.

Why blog?

They told me to. Seriously. I’m a writer, published one book, and I need a name for myself. Therefore, I blog. I’ll come up with stuff as I go. So come back weekly and see what I come up with next. I’ll probably be as surprised as you.

But this first installment will be about my book …

It’s my first book out of three. Yes, a trilogy. It’s called Oracle’s Legacy: Children of Sun and it’s awesome, if I can toot my own horn, which I will. This science fiction novel, follows several characters on a ride that they nor I will ever forget.

Its modern-day, and a secret civilization living among us has just experienced a political blow. Their leader, the Oracle, is dying.

The civilization is called the Structure and is made up of seven houses that chase after enlightenment by attempting to understand the nature of energy.

The structure of the Houses that insists upon learning and growing together is collapsing. In its place begins the seeds of infighting. Soon, without their notice, the people of the Houses begin losing their special powers.

Though dying, the Oracle hates to see what has become of her people.

Now, as the Structure begins tipping deeper into darkness, a new leader is needed to prevent conflict among the houses from escalating into an all-out war. Ollie could be the key to finding the next leader, but she has her family to think of and a life to live. Getting involved in a violent conflict is the last thing she wants to do, and so she must remain unnoticed. As power-hungry factions hunt for Ollie, however, she has no choice but to get involved. She’ll do whatever’s necessary to protect her loved ones.


Oh, you bet there’s more! But you have to read the book to get the juice. The 1st 4 Chapters are posted here or go to my website and I have plenty more information and extra content!